Friday, 20 May 2011

Petals of Life!

Firstly, we should apply some etiquettes and manners in our life to keep ourselves as well as others happy. Some instances for the same could be:
  1. We should always acknowledge a service done by other by saying Thank You, Please, Sorry etc.
  2. As far as possible, we should behave gently. A happy and jovial person can keep others happy and the life goes on smoothly.
The next petal of life is Learning. Learning in life has no end. We should be ever ready to learn and should not be ashamed of ourselves even if we have to learn from our younger ones. Sometimes we have to accept that the youngsters too can be our ‘Gurus’.
We should not have the feeling of superiority and dictating others. If we can get a particular task don’t by dint of a smile or love, why should we feel the need to dictate? A smile can get impossible things done. Haven’t you heard of the phrase “The smile that launched a thousand ships”?
Love is the reward of love. If you love others, they will love you too.
Learn to forgive people. Forgiveness is the most important petal of life.
Don't try to hurt the feelings of people by using harsh words, as there is no venom to that of tongue.
So these are some of the small things which keep the machine of our life well oiled and running smoothly.
Rest in my next post!
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Secondly, we should adopt discipline and control in our life. If we are disciplined, only then can we expect others to be disciplined. Don’t expect others to do what you yourself can’t do. If we cannot control our anger how can we expect others to not be angry? So, in order to get victory over others, we have to conquer ourselves first.


  1. hello aunty, that was really an inspiring blog...
    i know we have to learn a lot, but people like you help us to learn faster and respect others. i m astonished after reading your article as you are the inspiration of my life...

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  3. Hello aunty!
    that was a wonderful article! I felt really inspired to follow these suggestions!

  4. @Mahak: I am flattered that you consider me to be an inspiration... Will be back with more petals!

    @Richa: I am glad that you liked the post! Will be back with more soon enough!

  5. Hello Aunty !!

    A sweet and inspiring article. Totally agreed that Learning is eternal and who else can know this better than you. Still that vigour of creativity is burning inside you. You are truly an inspiration for people like me ..

    I am really looking forward to your next blogs. Keep Writing aunty .. You Rock .. !! :)